“To become messily smeared by rubbing”

About Us


Smudged is the restaurant where you can just eat yourself up.
Or it can be the bar you (and friends) prop up to eat and drink at.

You wanna do excellent booze (beer, wine, whiskey, cocktails) and grub, and feel like you need (to cancel tomorrow’s birthday with grandma) to come back for more?

Let’s call Smudged a derailed restaurant.

Let’s call it a local tavern that could very well turn into a disco.

Let’s call it a listening bar with an open kitchen.

Let’s call it a place with great food, wines & cocktails, where it doesn’t all have to be too serious.

Confused? Perfect, so are we.

A mark with no particular shape that is caused, usually by accident, by rubbing something.

Cambridge Dictionary

Sint Paulusplaats 20, 2000 Antwerpen

17h00 - 01h00

For reservation
+32 491 25 28 92